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If you are looking for a long-lasting restoration to replace a missing tooth or teeth, dental implants may be an ideal solution for your smile. Dental implants are metal-grade posts (usually titanium) that are surgically placed in your gums and jawbone to function as the root of a missing tooth. One or more posts can be used to support a crown, bridge, or denture for a tooth replacement option that looks highly natural and can be treated just like your real teeth. Established general dentist Dr. James McDonough is pleased to offer custom implant restorations to help Quincy, MA patients overcome the loss of teeth. He works closely with the most talented oral surgeons and periodontists in the area to complete the implant process. To learn more about your tooth replacement options with dental implants, get in touch with our friendly team at Wollaston Dental Group today.

Best Candidates

Dental implants can replace any amount of missing teeth by solidly supporting an implant-retained bridge, crown, or denture. Patients who wear removable partial or full dentures may also be likely candidates for implant solutions. In most cases, the fit, feel, and function of implants is less challenging and more like natural teeth when compared to traditional tooth replacements. However, dental implants do require adequate bone support in the jaw in order to best serve tooth replacement needs. Some patients may need bone graft surgery with a specialist before having an implant placed to increase the long-term success of an implant procedure. Dental implants may not be recommended for those who currently use tobacco products, are pregnant, have certain health conditions, or are being treated for another oral issue, such as periodontal (gum) disease.

What To Expect

During your implant consultation, Dr. McDonough will use advanced digital x-rays to evaluate your teeth and jaw and examine your mouth to determine if an implant is right for you. He will then refer you to a trusted oral surgeon or periodontist who will surgically position the implant post(s) within your jaw. A temporary appliance may be worn until your mouth is healed and ready to receive your implant restoration.

Once your implants have integrated fully with your jawbone, Dr. McDonough will take an impression of the area and work with a dental lab to create your custom implant crown, bridge, or denture. He will then securely connect the restoration to the tops of your dental implant(s) and make any necessary adjustments for comfort, completing your tooth replacement procedure. 


Dental implants are cared for just like natural teeth and can last for many years when they receive proper attention. After your dental implants are integrated and your custom restoration is attached, it is essential to develop a good oral care routine at home that includes daily brushing and flossing. During your biannual cleanings and exams at Wollaston Dental Group, our team will use special instruments to clean your implants and monitor the health of these areas. 

Insurance Coverage

Based on your dental insurance company and personal policy, a portion of your implant restoration might be covered. A member of our trained business staff will contact your insurance to learn if your plan offers implant benefits to help reduce the cost of your care. During your consultation at Wollaston Dental Group, we will be pleased to review your payment options and provide information on flexible financing plans through CareCredit®.

Dental Implants

Dental implants offer a function and appearance that mimics the qualities of natural tooth structure. For many patients, implants are a great option for overcoming the loss of one, several, or even a total arch of teeth. To learn more about your candidacy for this long-term tooth replacement option, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. McDonough at Wollaston Dental Group in Quincy, MA.

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