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what are porcelain veneers?

A fast, effective way to enhance your smile and hide slightly crooked, chipped, stained, or uneven teeth is with porcelain veneers from Wollaston Dental Group. Dental veneers are thin shell-like restorations made of high-grade porcelain that are bonded to the front of the teeth to enhance the look of your smile. Using a customized and minimal-prep veneer approach, talented general dentist Dr. James McDonough can improve the color, size, length, or shape of the teeth to instantly create a smile that is straighter, whiter, and more attractive. Schedule an appointment at our Quincy, MA office to learn more about porcelain veneers and decide if they are right for meeting your aesthetic goals.

who is a good candidate for dental veneers?

Cosmetic veneers can be used to mask smile imperfections, like stains and chips on your enamel, improve the appearance of worn down or misaligned teeth, and repair teeth that are poorly shaped or spaced. At Wollaston Dental Group, your veneers will be custom-created to fit comfortably over your teeth for an attractive and natural look. During your consultation, Dr. McDonough will listen to your goals and concerns so he can personalize your treatment and help you achieve your desired results. Dr. McDonough will also determine if you are a good candidate for porcelain veneers by assessing the total health of your mouth. Porcelain veneers may not be a good option if you have gum disease, extensive damage to the front teeth, moderate to severe tooth misalignment, or if you clench or grind your teeth at night.

how are dental veneers applied to the teeth?

Receiving veneers from Wollaston Dental Group is generally a minimally invasive procedure that is performed in two visits. Once we have established your personalized treatment plan, Dr. McDonough will prepare the teeth set to receive veneers by removing a small amount of enamel. This will allow your veneers to fit comfortably over your teeth while creating a natural fit and appearance. Impressions of your prepared teeth will then be taken, which will be used by our specially selected dental lab to create your customized veneers. Dr. McDonough will instruct the lab on exactly how to craft your veneers according to specific size, shape, length, and width. A custom shade of porcelain will also be chosen to provide a natural translucency and cosmetic appeal for your smile. When your custom veneers are ready, we will have you return to our office for a second visit so Dr. McDonough can bond them securely in place. Your veneers will then be adjusted as needed and polished to ensure a smooth, comfortable, and natural feel.


Since getting cosmetic veneers usually does not require much anesthesia, you should be able to continue your daily tasks following your appointment. You might experience some sensitivity to hot and cold food for a few days, but this should subside naturally. Veneers should be cleaned just like your own natural teeth with frequent brushing and flossing. While porcelain veneers are resistant to stains compared to the natural enamel, you may want to minimize the consumption of dark-colored drinks and foods to keep your veneers bright. To protect the integrity of your veneers, you should avoid biting on hard objects, such as ice or your fingernails. We recommend that you attend routine dental exams and cleanings at Wollaston Dental Group following your veneer placement so we can monitor the condition of your cosmetic veneers, teeth, and overall oral health. 

will dental insurance cover porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are a cosmetic procedure and may not be covered by dental insurance. Even so, a member of our billing team will contact your provider to learn if your coverage applies to this type of treatment. Wollaston Dental Group is pleased to accept a range of flexible payment options, including low-interest medical financing, to make getting the smile you desire as convenient for you as possible. 

dental treatment to enhance your smile

Enjoy the confidence of a straighter, whiter smile with customized porcelain veneers from Wollaston Dental Group in Quincy, MA. Veneers offer a minimally invasive way to mask an array of cosmetic concerns and help you attain the attractive smile you have always desired. To receive more information on this cosmetic dentistry option, reserve your consultation with Dr. McDonough today.

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