Start Off the New Year With a Brighter Smile

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You can receive the brightest and most outstanding smile in town through a professional teeth whitening service. Our dentists at the Wollaston Dental Group of Wollaston, MA can help you with a complete home teeth whitening solution that will give you an outstanding smile.

How does professional teeth whitening work?

Our team approach to teeth whitening will produce a great look that makes your smile fresh and outstanding. We offer an in-house solution that will brighten your teeth. The procedure also takes about an hour to complete on average.

Your teeth will be cleaned and then treated with a whitening gel. The gel is activated by a dental light to help the compound enter the enamel. The compound will lift and remove various stains on your teeth, helping to restore their natural white color.

The number of treatment sessions you’ll require will vary surrounding the results you want to attain from the procedure. You can expect about two to four sessions on average. We can review your needs to see how you can benefit from the work.

Does at-home teeth whitening treatment work?

We also provide an at-home teeth whitening solution at the Wollaston Dental Group of Wollaston, MA. Our at-home solution provides take-home materials you can use to help you get results over a matter of weeks. We can advise you on how well the procedure works and what you can expect from a treatment that fits.

Is home teeth whitening safe?

You will appreciate how well our teeth whitening solutions work when you’re looking for a brighter-looking smile. These solutions are effective and have been trusted by dental patients nationwide for years. These will not produce any potential long-term effects on your teeth other than helping them look their best.

You will notice some sensitivity to hot and cold triggers for a few days after each treatment. Any foods or drinks you consume that might be too hot or cold can especially produce some pains. The issue comes from the application working to remove the old stains from your teeth. Be sure to avoid foods and drinks that might stain your teeth for a few days after the whitening procedure. Don’t forget about visiting your dentist twice a year, as regular visits and cleanings can help you reduce the risk of your teeth becoming stained any further.

Contact us today for home teeth whitening treatments in Wollaston and Quincy, MA

Teeth whitening is about more than removing old stains from your teeth and restoring their natural white appearance. The practice is also about helping you feel confident and more optimistic about your smile. You’ll feel ready to head out in the world when you have a smile you will love to show off to everyone.

Contact us at the Wollaston Dental Group of Wollaston, MA for details on how our professional home teeth whitening service works. We are open for patients in the Wollaston and Quincy areas who are looking to make their smiles look outstanding. You can reach us by phone or online to schedule an appointment for services.

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