How To Tell If a Child Needs an Orthodontist Visit

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The development of your child’s teeth is essential to your child’s overall health. Your child will be happier and more confident when the teeth are correctly aligned and spaced. But not all children are lucky enough to have teeth that develop well and are even and comfortable. Your child may require an orthodontist visit if there are any concerns of note.

Our dentists at Wollaston Dental Group of Wollaston and Quincy, MA can help your child with orthodontic services to correct various issues, such as alignment and bite. Here are a few signs to watch for to determine if your child needs orthodontic help.

Teeth aren’t properly aligned

A child who has a tough time biting or chewing may require orthodontic help. The child’s teeth may not be aligned enough to where it might be challenging for the child to eat food properly. Your child also requires orthodontic help if the teeth do not appear to be in the right spots. The teeth may also be crowded together, or some teeth might block each other out. Other teeth could also be improperly placed on the gumline, making it harder to develop and stay healthy. Proper orthodontic care is necessary for preventing these issues from becoming more significant or worrisome.

Problems with baby teeth

Children generally start to lose baby teeth at around five or six years of age. It can take about six to eight years for all of the baby teeth to be replaced by permanent teeth. Any cases where the child’s baby teeth are not being lost on time and replaced with adult teeth could be a sign of future orthodontic concerns.

Uneven jaw

Another sign for your child to visit our dentists at Wollaston Dental Group of Wollaston, MA involves cases where the jaws aren’t working properly. An uneven jaw might shift and protrude, or can make regular clicking sounds when chewing. These problems suggest that the jaw is out of alignment and treatment is necessary for correct development and to prevent future concerns.

Noticeable gaps

Various gaps around the teeth can be harmful for your child’s oral health and may affect the smile. It is easy for bacteria to enter more spaces around the teeth if not treated well. The spacing could also cause the teeth to improperly develop, making it harder for the teeth to stay healthy. These gaps can be annoying and will require extra care and control to ensure they are safe.

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